I go to a club about archaeology and we do days on archaeological skills, and usually make something.  If it is something you do on your own, you get to take it home, but if it's a group project then, annoyingly, you can't. 

cleaning some artefacts from a dig





Forensic archaeology


This is something I did on one of the days.  You start by getting two large packs of clay and a plastic skull.  You have to do many different things to the skull before you start adding any clay.


You have to add pegs of certain lengths to certain parts of the skull.  The pegs mark out how much clay you need to put on to the skull, otherwise you might end up with a skull with a face that is completely wrong in proportions.


You then need to start roughly sticking the clay on the skull just over the peg markers.  You then need to roll balls of clay for the eyes and place the in the sockets (you need to give them a bit of a push).  The next thing to do is roll out the skin.  It has to be fairly thing and you need big pieces of it, and as few joins in it as possible.


The finishing touch is to add small details such as ears, the nose, marking out the irises and pupils and perhaps some eyelids.